Attractive destinations in Luxembourg you should visit

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  • March 26, 2021
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While many of the country’s top attractions and points of interest lie in vibrant Luxembourg City, the old quarter of which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Luxembourg’s many small towns are lovely and well worth exploring. Here are some attractive destinations in Luxembourg you should visit.

Attractive destinations in Luxembourg

1. Echternach

attractive destinations in Luxembourg


A cozy little border town along the German frontier, it is one of the oldest cities in Luxembourg. This place makes for the perfect base camp from where to explore the region thanks to its lazy, laid-back afternoon rambling atmosphere.

Tourists who plan to go cycling along with the River Sure or for a hike in Mullertal can stay at the many hotels in Luxembourg Echternach. The last half a millennium has seen pilgrims coming in for every Whit Tuesday to attend the dancing procession rolled out in honor of St. Willibrord, the founder of this town.

The activities in Luxembourg Echternach for May and June include an International Music Festival, a tour of the Prehistory Museum, and The Basilica, while one can visit the Roman Villa at any time of the year.

2. Vianden

attractive destinations in Luxembourg


A quaint and hilly town on the German border, Vianden stands on the banks of the River Our. The Vianden Castle, rising high above the river, and the old-world charm of this place, are among the most significant Luxembourg attractions in this town.

The castle was built sometime between the 11th and 14th centuries as a prominent home for the royal family of Luxembourg country. It stayed in that position of honor for hundreds of years before plunging down into ruins for an almost equal period.

Restoration work has been in progress since the 1970s to return it to its former glory. Today, this tourist attraction in Luxembourg allows visitors to enjoy some of the best photogenic vistas that the country has to offer.

3. Diekirch

attractive destinations in Luxembourg


Diekirch takes its name from the nation’s most popular beer and is well-loved by tourists for the colorful local flavor that’s found here.

Located in the north and sitting on the Rive Sure, the mountains that surround Diekirch make incredible vistas at each turn. Check out the pedestrian zone for shopping, cafes, and public concerts, and head to the old quarter to see St. Laurentius Church and other old-world homes. Three great museums to check out are the National Museum of Historical Vehicles, the beer museum, and the National Museum of Military History with an exhibit that thoroughly covers the Battle of the Bulge. It’s also a good place for those that want a little nature in their holiday.  You can bicycle, hike, kayak, or fish while you’re here.

4. Beaufort


A small town that’s high in charm, Beaufort is most often visited because of its castle which lies across the valley from the town proper. Originally built as a Roman camp, the castle expanded over the years but has never recovered from the WWII Battle of the Ardennes.

Tourists can explore the many levels and interiors of the castle, though there is no décor. Afterward, enjoy an afternoon of cycling or hiking with several lovely trails to choose from.

5. City of Luxembourg


The country’s capital is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and a major financial center for much of Europe.

You’ll want to spend as much time as possible in the old town and see the Grand Ducal Palace, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Place d’Armes, Adolphe Bridge, and the underground defenses popularly known as the casemates. But it’s not just historical beauty here;

Luxembourg City is a thoroughly modern and cosmopolitan place that’s done an incredible job of merging history with modern progress. As an example, check out the fortress of Luxembourg that has been transformed many times over the centuries and now highlights the best of European culture.

This is one of the most attractive destinations in Luxembourg for visitors to take a vacation.

6. Moselle Valley


Covering 42km that stretch from Wasserbillig to Schengen, the Moselle Valley and the river that runs through it are lined with small villages, vineyards, and wine cooperatives. Schengen, famous due to the EU agreement that allows easy cross-border travel, has been attracting wine lovers for generations.

Each village in the valley has a distinct charm and is home to fine dining restaurants and a relaxing vibe that will make you wish you lived there. Villages of note include Remerschen, Remich, Greiveldange, Ehen, and Machtum. Known as d’Musel by the locals the valley has unbelievable fruit plantations to explore, themed hikes, water sports, and small cruises, and a bit of medieval history as well.

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