Beautiful places in Portugal for visitors to explore

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  • March 28, 2021
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Tourism in Portugal has been cruising on a wave of success and despite its popularity, it continues to be one of the best value destinations. It has a rich history, innovative art, stunning views, and super friendly, laid-back locals. Here are the beautiful places in Portugal for visitors to explore.

Beautiful places in Portugal

1. Chiado

beautiful places in Portugal


Chiado is a cultural hub with museums, theaters, and concert halls. Featuring glass and steel buildings, commercial establishments, and casinos, Parque das Nações is the most modern district, while Bairro Alto is the entertainment zone, buzzing with numerous bars, discos, and nightclubs.

Dining in Lisbon is a delight all its own from pastelarias serving up divine pastries to outdoor cafes and bars featuring Portuguese tapas, beer, and wine to fine restaurants serving international cuisines.

Lisbon offers a good network of public transportation with buses and metro, but the most exciting way to experience the city is by taking one of the vintage trams such as the well known Tram 28, which winds along historic quarters, gardens, and main attractions.

2. Algarve

beautiful places in Portugal


The Algarve is occupied by bustling cities and quaint towns alike, offering delights of cobbled streets, historic architecture, and beautiful old churches. Faro is the region’s capital, and Lagos is the area’s hot spot for nightlife.

Looped by orange groves, Silves is best known for its red sandstone castle, while Tavira is an elegant town packed with Renaissance monuments, bridges, and castles.

The Algarve’s production of fresh food like fruit, almonds, carob beans, and seafood contribute to its delicious cuisine. Distilled from the local strawberry tree berries, Medronho is the traditional drink found throughout the Algarve.

3. Madeira

beautiful places in Portugal


Start the year off right by waking up in Madeira. This subtropical island system has become one of the trendiest destinations in Portugal for hiking, spending warm days by the seaside as a winter sun retreat, and eating exotic food, plus, the capital Funchal offers one of the best New Year’s Eve parties in the world. You’ll get the festive feel, without the cold weather of home.

If you can’t head over for New Year’s, no problem; visiting the main island and smaller, adjacent islands is always a good plan and Porto Santo is where beach enthusiasts will find one of the most beautiful stretches of sand in Portugal. Other landmarks in Madeira and the smaller islands include the house that once belonged to Christopher Columbus, the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum, called Museu CR7, and the Madeira Wine Museum.

4. Porto

beautiful places in Portugal


Don’t miss Portugal’s second-largest city. It may seem a lot like the capital since both are characterized by old, colorful buildings sprawled across hilly streets and they sit beside major rivers, but Porto is the yin to Lisbon’s yang. Where Lisbon is literally bright and sunny, Porto shines with culture.

Anyone who loves Portugal’s azulejos tiles shouldn’t miss the São Bento railway station, which offers a stunning mosaic of tiles, transforming the walls into memorable works of art. There is no shortage of gardens, medieval palaces, and cathedrals, and the cuisine is often referred to as the best in the country. Known for it’s famous Port wine, Porto’s stretches of vineyards make up most of the nearby Douro Valley.

This is one of the beautiful places in Portugal worth taking a vacation.

5. Sintra


Enchanting Sintra is one of the gems in Portugal’s glittering sightseeing crown. Recognized by UNESCO for its remarkable cultural landscape, this historic and captivating town is definitely worth putting aside a full day to absorb. It’s one of the most popular day trips from Lisbon.

Clustered under the lip of the wooded Serra da Sintra hills, the town is dominated by the landmark Palácio Nacional, its signature twin chimneys looming over a pretty square edged with houses painted in a palette of pale pink and ochre with splashes of yellow.

Peering down over this picture postcard setting is the ancient Castelo dos Mouros, seemingly hewn out of the granite escarpment it runs along. Crowning the highest hill is the bewitching Palácio da Pena, used in the 19th century as a summer retreat by the Portuguese royal family.

Sintra offers plenty of hiking trails for the avid walker, but you’ll need a stout pair of legs to conquer the demanding hills surrounding the town.

6. Évora


Deep in the heart of the Alentejo is Évora, one of the most beguiling destinations in Portugal. Renowned for its amazing ensemble of well-preserved monuments, Évora deserves close and unhurried scrutiny.

Its medieval walls enclose centuries of history, a timeline illustrated by the impressive Templo Romano, which dates from around the second century; the brooding but compelling 12th-century Sé (cathedral); and the Igreja de São Francisco, with its lugubrious Capela dos Ossos, completed in the mid-1550s.

The historical significance of Évora and the unspoiled condition of its architectural treasures has won it coveted UNESCO World Heritage Site status. But you’ll also be taken with the city’s delightful market-town ambiance and down-to-earth personality: it’s a pleasure to wander and shop through its Moorish alleys; browse engaging museums; and lunch in attractive squares, where you’re considered a guest rather than a tourist.

In conclusion, these are the beautiful places in Portugal for visitors to explore.

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