Best American Restaurants In Tokyo You Must Try

For many tourists, the taste of home is something very dear and unforgettable. What if you are traveling in Tokyo, Japan but want to eat American food? Don’t worry too much because Tokyo is known as a food paradise because there are many famous restaurants here. Although the city mainly serves Japanese food, there are also some of the best American restaurants in Tokyo that are quite popular with both locals and tourists. Whether it’s donuts, New York-style pizza, or sandwiches, the list of restaurants below has it all. Read our article now!

Best American Restaurants In Tokyo

Good Town Donuts

Located near Cat Street in the Harajuku area, Good Town Donuts is one of the best American restaurants in Tokyo. here sell a lot of items such as donuts, coffee, sweets, and even bread. Having just arrived at the store, surely many diners will be surprised and impressed because the outside scene uses a lot of wood to decorate, so it gives an extremely friendly and cozy feeling. At first glance, the store doesn’t look like a typical Japanese shop, but more like an American one. Employees here share that most of the materials and decoration styles here are imported from the US. That shows how much the owner must love America.

Good Town Donuts

Although the pastries are delicious and varied, if you taste the taste of donuts, I guarantee that you will immediately feel homesick and immerse in that familiar taste inseparably. . But the truth is that they are not only sweet and moist American cakes, but they also bring a lot of unique flavors for you to enjoy.

There are a total of 15 different cake varieties available at Good Town Donuts. While we were there, we decided to taste the Smile Mango, Raspberry Pistachio, California Strawberry Lemonade, and Uji Matcha donuts. What a pleasure! They truly have an American flavor. Two to three hundred donuts are produced by Good Town Donuts every day, some of which are sent to a store in Yoyogi Uehara. Classic Glazed, Smile Mango, Van Houten Chocolate Crunch, and Raspberry Pistachio are their four top-selling flavors.


Ty HARBOR is an American brewery restaurant, originally popular on the Tennozu Canal in Shinagawa, which has grown over time to become one of the most popular places to eat in Tokyo among tourists. There are a total of about 350 seats on both the first and second floors, with both private rooms and terraces overlooking the canal. The terrace is very popular in the summer because it is quite cool and comfortable.
The restaurant owns the brewery inside the building and serves hand-brewed craft beers. A total of 6 beers are served here including wines, cocktails, and seasonal beers. You can experience a variety of foods such as salads, pizzas, meat, and seafood, the best with its accompanying beers. Vegetarian dishes are also served here.

Buy Me Stand

In the Shibuya area, Buy Me Stand is a great place to enjoy an American lunch and is well-known for its superb sandwiches, coffee, and all-day breakfast options. The Shibuya location is on the first and second floors of a building, with the second level serving as a community room. Due to the predominant turquoise color of the decor, it is simple to determine if you are at the correct location.

Although they are renowned for their grilled cheese sandwiches, we chose to try their breakfast plate and one of their unique sandwiches, the “Apple Cheeks,” which is stuffed with pork, cheese, and onions, as well as having a crunchy exterior. Apples are a particular element that you probably won’t be able to identify.

Buy Me Stand

The flavors and textures in Apple Cheeks go together well! Toast, apple, and the richness of the cheese together are a deliciously unique and unusual flavor combination. The breakfast dish we got was flavorful, hearty, and contained all the essentials for a satisfying start to the day. Additionally, they provide other distinctive and well-liked sandwiches, such as “Green Monday,” which is made with beef, cheese, onions, and oranges. Because the majority of their food is also available for takeout, Buy Me Stand is a great choice for picnics. It’s also one of the Best American Restaurants In Tokyo.

T.G.I. Fridays

With more than 900 chain locations spread over almost 60 different countries, TGI Fridays is the biggest restaurant and café business in America. The first American eatery in Japan debuted in Shibuya, Tokyo, in 1999. Several bartenders from Tokyo locations won the “TGI Fridays World Bartender Championship,” which was held by TGI Fridays. In fact, TGI Fridays in Tokyo, made famous by the 1988 Tom Cruise film “Cocktail,” will keep you entertained with upscale bartending displays by elite bartenders.
With quantities that are as big as those at “American” restaurants, TGI Fridays serve genuine American cuisine using regional recipes. There is everything an American restaurant should offer, including a wide selection of appetizers, salads, steaks, and burgers. They have wonderful cocktails in addition to their exquisite bartending performances.

Pizza Slice

Pizza Slice is known by many as the takeaway pizza shop in Tokyo. Nestled in a quiet area between Shibuya and Daikanyama, if you see anyone else wandering around the area, chances are they’re also on their way to Pizza Slice to grab a slice. Here, serving New York-style meals large enough and quality enough to satisfy any discerning American diner. They have a wide variety of pizzas to choose from, including classic cheeses, salami, delicious Jalapeno that change daily, and more.

It can be difficult to decide what kind of pizza to enjoy when you come here, but you can ask the staff to suggest some of the best-selling and most popular choices, perhaps a safe solution for those New diners coming here for the first time. Once selected, the staff will heat the pizza and bring it to your table. The smell of pizza, when reheated, is like coming out of the oven.

The cheese layer on top does not make the bottom crust soften at all, but on the contrary, is very crispy, you can easily hold the cake with your hands and enjoy it. There’s nothing better than eating delicious food in a chilly Tokyo atmosphere. We think this will be the best American restaurants in Tokyo that you should go to.

Hard Rock Cafe

The next restaurant we would suggest is Hard Rock Cafe, which is one of the best American restaurants in Tokyo. The eatery is well-known throughout the world and is particularly well-liked in Tokyo. The restaurant currently operates more than 180 cafés in 75 nations, including 6 in Japan. You’ll be shocked when you walk into the pub to see it decorated with musical instruments and outfits worn by famous musicians like Shirts on the Court during performances and music videos. The stage from Michael Jackson, the guitar from Bon Jovi, Madonna’s leather shorts, and more.

Best American Restaurants In Tokyo

You can request cocktails in a memento glass and they have unique beverages with fresh ingredients! Some must-order American restaurant specialties are the Original Legendary Burger with a premium beef patty made from 100 percent all-natural beef from the USA and the Jumbo Combo, which includes five well-known appetizers. Don’t forget to stop by the ROCKSHOP next to the cafe before you leave to purchase some souvenir t-shirts and pins. We anticipate that you will find this to be a really enjoyable experience.

As a result, some of the best American restaurants in Tokyo have been detailed in this article. Each of these American restaurants is a good choice to eat in Tokyo during your vacation. For more information on food and restaurants in Tokyo, you can also check out the article we’ve pinned here. Next time you have a chance to visit Tokyo, don’t forget to visit one of these places and enjoy it. Hope you will have a great experience.

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