Compelling Reasons to Study in Poland

Europe is one of the best destinations for many students to choose to pursue their higher education. If you choose to study in Europe, it is worth the extra effort to select not only a high-ranking university but also a nice place to live, with friendly people, interesting history, and vibrant society. This is why wants to present to you compelling reasons to study in Poland.

1. Many options in Poland

reasons to study in Poland


There are more than 1.1 million students studying in Poland, at almost 400 universities. What is even more impressive most of the programmes are offered in both Polish and English Language, on top of that, there are hundreds of languages that are taught here. There are a lot more colleges for arts as well as faculties of humanities and polytechnics, all of them equipped with ideal laboratories and super-computers.

While studying in Poland, you will have a chance to enter a competition with NASA or become a part of a prestigious scholarship programme in areas of humanities. Polish business schools deliver world-class education in management and finance (also as double-degree programmes) all recognized and accredited internationally.

2. A high-quality education

3. Affordable costs of living

reasons to study in Poland


Studying in Poland is cheaper than doing so in other parts of Europe. Tuition fees start from less than 1500 EUR per year and rarely go higher than 3000 EUR. Compared to the average fees of private universities in France, Germany, the UK or Scandinavia, this might mean big savings at the start of your studies.

But where the real economising comes into play is in the cost of living. A shared flat in the city centre for 100-150 EUR or a room in a student dormitory for 100 EUR? No problem. What’s more, a monthly public transport ticket costs only 25 EUR per month, and during the warmer half of the year, you can use public bikes which are quite cheap. After a few weeks in Poland, you’ll certainly learn how to get a cinema ticket for 3 EUR or a tasty lunch for less than 5 EUR. Poland is the promised land for the thrifty.

4. Vibrant students life

In Poland, students life has a long and interesting tradition. It was not only about common meetings and having fun. For instance, during communist era students associations were usually connected with the conspiracy. Nevertheless, popular students festivals came from these times and continue today.

Nowadays in Poland, there are more students than ever in the past (including international students). No wonder then that the student’s festivals are more spectacular comparing to those former ones. Concerts, spectacles and… some days off from the university! Active students should appreciate the variety of students associations working on every university.

Above that Polish cities offer a wide range of attraction for everyone who thirsts nigh life experience or other cultural events. Clubs, pubs or restaurants are open towards students who usually benefit from some special discounts.

5. Scholarships for Non-EU Students


If your country does not belong to the Socrates-Erasmus network, there are still a handful of opportunities. Each year, a considerable number of scholarships for non-EU foreign students are launched. Most of them are dedicated to students from Eastern European Partnership countries: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, but almost everybody can find a scholarship for which he or she is eligible.

The best way to find out is to contact the Polish embassy in your country, as they usually coordinate bilateral student exchange programmes.

6. Hospitality

One of the compelling reasons to study in Poland is the hospitality of the Polish people. Extraordinary hospitality is deeply rooted in Polish culture. You can expect every casual invitation for a dinner or a supper to end up as a three-course feast. Polish grandmas will always give you seconds even if you beg her not to.

Poles won’t hesitate to offer you their flat for a night or two if you have problems with arranging accommodation and they always care to make your stay in Poland comfortable and interesting.

7. Interesting career opportunities

Many international companies choose Poland as the location of their offices. Thus, you get a great starting point for your career, especially considering the fact that you can speak a foreign language fluently. If you will learn the basics of Polish as well, it will be an even bigger advantage.

In most of the big Polish cities (such as Warsaw, Wrocław or Kraków), you can find a job without much difficulty. The international career path will look good in a resume, giving you bigger chances when applying for the next job position.

To sum up, here are some main reasons to study in Poland for international students to consider.

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