Discover The Top 10 Japanese Restaurants In Osaka

Osaka is one of Japan’s most well-known cities. Every year, millions of visitors visit. If you’ve ever loved traditional Japanese foods, the distinctive cuisine of Osaka will undoubtedly make you adore both in terms of arrangement and flavor.

Discover The Top 10 Japanese Restaurants In Osaka to learn more about Osaka food.


Discover The Top 10 Japanese Restaurants In Osaka
Hajime Restaurant

Hajime is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Osaka led by chef Hajime Yoneda. In 2014, it was named one of Asia’s 50 greatest restaurants. The purpose and ambition of Chef Hajime Yoneda is to “produce the greatest emotion in the globe.”

With his extensive education and wide culinary skills, he produces dishes that not only taste wonderful but also lead to issues and messages in biology, neurology, architecture, and astronomy. His signature dish, “Chikyu (Planet Earth),” speaks of nature and Mother Earth, as well as the fragility of life.

The restaurant’s decor is modest and formal, similar to an art museum, and each dish is a work of art and food that can be enjoyed with sight and taste. This restaurant has seasonal cuisines as well as a typical menu option. Hajime’s seasonal meals are true works of art, with wonderful color and décor combinations.

The basic dining space of the restaurant features only a few tables set with pristine white tablecloths against dark wood walls. Hajime provides a genuinely unique dining experience by fusing Japanese attention to detail with European flare.

Address: Hajime, 1-9-11-1F Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

2. Fujiya 1935

Fujiya 1935

One of the next Japanese eateries we’d like to recommend to you is Learn about the Top 10 Japanese Restaurants. Fujiya 1935 is located in Osaka. This restaurant’s name derives from its origins as a Japanese eatery.

The basic udon eatery first opened its doors in 1935. Chef Tetsuya Fujiwara developed the restaurant after many difficulties into one of the city’s most unique dining experiences. Michelin-starred and listed among the top 50 restaurants in the world.

Fujiya 1935 is a contemporary Spanish restaurant that provides a seasonal menu. Duck breast with wasabi leaves is a popular dish, as is the restaurant’s characteristic starter of’sponge bread’ with contents ranging from peas to ricotta cheese. Diners have given the restaurant high marks for its Italian and Spanish wines.

Fujiya 1935 on ingredient quality, providing meals that are rich in texture, flavor, and quality. With rich tones and plenty of seats, the dining area is elegantly and simply decorated.

The wide menu is a monument to the refined, beautiful food that Fujiwara investigated in Spain at L’Esguard under the guidance of Miguel Sanchez Romero, then reproduced using Japanese key components.

Address: Fujiya 1935, 2-4-14, Yariyamachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

3. Endo Sushi Kiyobashi Central Market

central market endo sushi
Endo Sushi Kiyobashi Central Market

Sushi is one of the most well-known traditional Japanese foods. Endo Sushi Kiyobashi Central Market is a modest restaurant located in the Osaka fish market that serves the greatest sushi in the city.

Although the staff does not speak much English, they do give an English notebook for Western customers that teaches how to make sushi as well as a comprehensive English menu.

Sushi selections include sea bream, eel, and tuna, all of which combine nicely with the restaurant’s rich miso soup with clams. One of the most popular alternatives is the omakase set, which consists of a plate with five different pieces of seasonal sushi.

Address: Endo Sushi Kyobashi Central Market, 1-1-86 Noda Fukushima-Ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

4. Kani Douraku

Kani Douraku Head Store

Although the name Kani Douraku may be strange to many, this restaurant’s huge crab exhibit on Dotonbori is one of Osaka’s most well-known landmarks.
According to the billboard, this restaurant serves all of the crab meals.

The menu is divided into categories, and meals include boiling, grilled, steamed, raw, and many more inventive treatments of crab. Crab tempura, crab sushi, crab fish cakes, and even crab gratin are available.

Staff are clad in traditional kimonos and sit at low Japanese-style tables. The crab motif is the restaurant’s hallmark, with crab imagery seen throughout the locations and crab chopstick remnants left at each table.

Address: Kani Douraku, 1-6-18 Dotombori, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

5. Matsusaka Yakiniku M

Matsusaka Yakiniku M

Matsusaka Yakiniku M is a restaurant that specializes in Matsusaka beef, which originated in Osaka’s south. Matsusaka beef is often compared to Kobe beef in terms of quality, and it is connected with many of the same tales as its more renowned cousin.

Matsusaka cows are claimed to be fed beer to boost their appetites and massaged with a special shochu concoction. Matsusaka Yakiniku M restaurant has a variety of exquisite cuts of beef that guests may cook and season on the grill. The ‘DX Platter,’ which consists of six various cuts of Matsusaka beef paired with veggies, is a very popular meal.

It’s no wonder that Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M in Dotombori is so popular, given the high quality of the beef. They exclusively utilize Matsusaka meat and use every part of the cow. You can eat your way through the beef at the restaurant, from short ribs to ribs to guts; there’s even beef miso soup and beef ramen made with bones.

Meal reservations start at roughly 3,800 JPY. It’s not a cheap supper, but it’s definitely one of those places worth visiting if you’re looking for a special highlight of your vacation. It’s a must-try meal for meat fans.

Address: Matsusaka Yakiniku M, 1-1-19 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

6. Mizuno

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Mizuno is one of the well-known Japanese restaurants in Osaka that Discover The Top 10 Japanese Restaurants In Osaka recommends. Every tourist to Osaka should try the Okonomiyaki at least once.

Since 1945, Mizuno Restaurant has been crafting its own unique rendition of this delectable delicacy. It is also the city’s oldest okonomiyaki restaurant, with seating for eight people along the bar. The restaurant’s second level also has a somewhat larger sitting space.

The majority of diners who come to the restaurant for the famed yamaimo-yaki utilize yams for the dough instead of the standard flour. As a result, okonomiyaki has a distinctively soft texture and a mildly sweet flavor.

Popular meals at this restaurant include the mazeyaki, which is created with shredded cabbage, squid, pork belly, octopus, and shrimp.

Address: Mizuno, 1-4-15, Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

7. Tsuki no Odori

Tsuki no Odori

Tsuki no Odori is located at the end of Osaka’s famed food street, Dotonbori. This welcoming restaurant specializes on chicken and offers a range of different delicacies, including spicy fried chicken wings, as well as alternatives for those looking for a more unique eating experience, such as chicken breast sashimi or chicken heart yakitori.

There are a few non-chicken options, such as grilled yams and thick baked rice balls. There is an English menu available, and the waitstaff speaks English rather well. Sleek seating is provided in the dining room as well as at the counter, where guests may converse with the chef as their dishes are prepared.

Address: Tsuki no Odori, 1-1-11 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku | 2F 24K Bld 1-1-11 Dorombori Chuo-Ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

8. Tsurutontan Soemoncho

tsurutonntan soemontyou interior 5
Tsurutontan Soemoncho

Tsurutontan Soemoncho is a well-known udon restaurant in Osaka. During peak times, most of us may observe customers queuing outside the entrance; this restaurant serves famed Japanese udon noodles in enormous salad bowls. The menu features udon classics as well as innovative dishes including curry udon, udon carbonara, and udon ice cream.

The interior design is warm and classic, with noren curtains at the entry and other warm wooden accents. In addition to udon, the restaurant serves a variety of classic Japanese foods such as tempura, sushi, and sashimi.

Address: Tsurutontan Soemoncho, 3-17 Soemoncho, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

9. Yamachan

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We all know that Osaka is the birthplace of traditional Japanese cuisine. Takoyaki, an unusual octopus-shaped delicacy, has become a must-try when visiting the city. Yamachan’s Takoyaki is famous for its distinctive dough, which is prepared from a strongly flavored chicken, fruit, and vegetable mixture. The dough is stuffed with green onions and octopus.

The mixture is then formed into balls and fried on a specialized takoyaki pan until the outside is crispy and the inside is warm and creamy. Although this meal may be eaten with a variety of sauces and toppings, the restaurant suggests eating the takoyaki individually to savour the flavor of the dough.

If takoyaki alone isn’t enough to fill you up, the eatery also serves yakisoba noodles and tonpeiyaki.

Address: Yamachan, 1-2-34, Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

10. Zuboraya

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Zuboraya is well-known in Osaka as one of the greatest sites for travelers to experience traditional Japanese fugu (puffer fish). Only chefs who have spent years training may obtain a license to cook this potentially lethal fish.

The restaurant serves a variety of cuisines and famous fish delicacies like as sashimi, sushi, tempura, and soups. To enhance the flavor of the fish, it is served with the restaurant’s distinctive ponzu sauce. Pay heed to the giant puffer fish signage outside the restaurant to avoid misunderstanding.

Address: Zuboraya, 2-5-5, Ebisu higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Traditional Japanese cuisine is delectable and difficult to resist. If you have the opportunity to visit Osaka, please visit and try one of the restaurants recommended by Discover The Top 10 Japanese Restaurants In Osaka.

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