Eco Tourism Experience Promotes Green Development in Some Countries

Eco tourism is a type of tourism based on nature and indigenous culture associated with environmental education, which contributes to conservation and sustainable development efforts with the active participation of local communities. In this article, we’ll show you: Eco Tourism Experience Promotes Green Development in Some Countries.

1. What does the eco tourism experience mean?

Eco tourism experience is tourism that has the activities involved with the journey to the natural destination. Those destinations are controlled as the residence and non-residence under the protection of the international and the national environment. Eco tourism experience can reduce the negative impacts of the tourism resources because ecotourism activities are focusing on increasing awareness of conservation and motivating the responsibility of tourists to both natural and cultural attractions through the process of learning with the stakeholders such as local communities, entrepreneurs, and tourists.

What does the eco tourism experience mean
What does the eco tourism experience mean?

Eco tourism experience presides over the distribution of the ecological environment, the protection, and the development of resource tourism. In recent years, a number of countries and localities have formed tourism models by carrying out ecological experiences and ecological education on the basis of diverse and rich environmental protection about textile, bringing the source of inspiration and reference for the worldwide promotion of green development.

2. Eco tourism experience in Costa Rica

Strolling the streets of Costa Rica, which is known as the “Garden of Central America”, you will often hear a sigh of joy: “Life is fresh!”, With rich tourist resources such as tropical rain forest, cloud forest, sea, and wetland park, ecological bonsai agricultural area.

Costa Rica has established a system of national reserves, which includes more than 50 wildlife sanctuaries, 32 national parks, more than 10 forest reserves, and several biological reserves. The government has also established an ecological compensation mechanism to provide financial compensation to those who protect biodiversity on their land. Ecotourism has also become the country’s main source of foreign exchange.

Eco tourism experience in Costa Rica
Eco tourism experience in Costa Rica

In the Sarapiqui region of northeastern Costa Rica, Pedro locals have used eco-compensation to transform pastures mainly used for livestock into an ecological manner of 10 hectares. There are many exotic flowers and trees here. Pedro not only accepts tourists, and birdwatchers, … but also provides accommodation and field camps for zoologists and ecologists, his income has improved a lot. 

Recently, Costa Rica adopted a payment scheme for environmental services that encourages tourists to voluntarily offset their carbon emissions from travel and transportation by purchasing vouchers, provided by the Foundation. National Forest support for implementation. Related funds will be used to strengthen forest protection, target emissions, and promote green economic recovery and development.

3. Eco tourism in Berlin

A train departs from Berlin, Germany, bound for Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. This is the first long-distance passenger train to run between the two places in the past 30 years. The train takes 19 and a half hours to go, compared to a two-hour flight. The majority of passengers traveling to Northern Europe are mainly middle-aged and elderly people. Comfortable rides and breathtaking views along the way seen as eco tourism experiences are part of their relaxing getaways.

The train is equipped with multiple sleeping cars, along with two restaurants, which offer flavorful meals and recreational facilities such as a bar. Along the way, the scenery of shepherds and small towns outside the window, the scenery of the bridge on the Baltic Sea, the street scenes such as Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmo … Many visitors have shared videos and photos of the tourist route this eco-calendar on social networks.

Eco tourism in Berlin
Eco tourism in Berlin

In recent years, the German National Tourism Administration has launched a campaign “Enjoy the ecology” with the theme of sustainable development and listed “sustainable tourism” as a separate project to promote National park tourism, bicycle “paradise”, camping in the forest and other ecotourism products that are close to nature, low in carbon, and environmentally friendly are very popular. In Germany, there are 106 nature parks and 16 biosphere reserves, with a number of hiking routes, campings… relatively complete, which can better meet the needs of returning to nature and living a healthy human life.

4. Eco tourism in Ecuador

Ecuador is located on the coast of the vast South Pacific Ocean, across the equator, and has a rich and diverse geographical environment such as coastlines, mountains, rainforests, and islands. This country is also one of the countries with the most biological species, with the number of bird species accounting for nearly 1/6 of the world, rare birds like nightingales, and birds of prey can be seen everywhere in the world. here, attracting a lot of photographers here.

The Galapagos Islands are one of the important tourist attractions in the country. As early as 1959, Ecuador’s first national park was established here. The island has also established the Charles Darwin Observatory to conduct long-term monitoring and research on the island’s creatures.

Eco tourism in Ecuador
Eco tourism in Ecuador

Santa Cruz Island is the most populous island in the archipelago. On a secluded beach on the island, people collect discarded plastic bottles on the shore. Residents here are volunteer cleaning teams as well as will collect garbage that pollutes the ocean when fishing.

In recent years, besides developing and improving strict environmental protection policies, the government has devoted more effort to carry out environmental education and publicity activities for the local people who care about the environment. This model has been responded to and participated by a large number of local residents. Almost half of the solid waste on the island is recycled through a collection and recycling program, the rate of which is first in Ecuador.

The information I give you above is only one of the countries that are implementing eco tourism experiences. Besides, there are many such places in the world. However, these are also the place that I would like to recommend to you, come and experience green, smart, and safe ecotourism for the environment.

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