Stunning places in Angola you must visit

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  • March 23, 2021
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With a history of civil war and threats of illegal poaching, Angola has a past attached to it. Angola is a reserve of natural forests and animals and people come here every time to get spellbound by the scenic beauty and natural beauty that Angola beholds within itself. Tropical forests, pasture lands, etc. are some of the many things to find in Angola. Here are some stunning places in Angola you must visit.

Stunning places in Angola

1. Luanda

stunning places in Angola


The capital of Angola is full of stark contrasts. The beautiful Atlantic Ocean views are disrupted by busy ships and the high rise modern-looking buildings are contrasted by lean-to huts built to accommodate people in the rapidly expanding city.

Over-population is apparent in other ways too, namely the insane morning traffic and the stink that regularly trouble the city. Despite all these problems, however, Luanda certainly has its charms and is another side to Africa that is worth experiencing.

2. Kissama

stunning places in Angola


One of the stunning places in Angola is Kissama. Only a 70km ride south from Luanda is the Parque Nacional de Kissama, a wildlife sanctuary that has utilized stunning natural settings to protect and preserve many African species. The park began life as a nature reserve in 1938 and subsequently evolved into a National Park in 1957.

During the Civil War years, the park was neglected and fell victim to poaching but its population of buffalo, elephants, and even sea turtles are now going strong. The park even received 10 Elephants by airmail from Russia in 2000.

3. Tundavala Fissure

stunning places in Angola


The Tundavala Fissure is one of the most spectacular natural sights in Angola. It can be found between the cities of Lubango and Namibe at an elevation of 2,600m above sea level. At this height, it goes without saying that the views are phenomenal and the visible vistas are some of the best on offer in Africa.

Commonly reached by thrill-seeking hikers, the view of the descent back down to sea level is dizzying steep. As well as the sheer rock faces the Tundavala also has patches of savanna, grass and forest landscapes.

4. Dilolo Lake

stunning places in Angola


The Dilolo Lake is the largest lake located in Angola and there are certain mystic happenings that occur in the lake. There are some supernatural forces that seem to cover the entire lake which prevents fishermen from fishing in the lake. Whether you are at Angola for a client meeting or holiday tour, you should never miss a site like Dilolo Lake.

5. Benguela


Benguela is an important tourist destination located in Angola. The international railways are located nearby the place and so it becomes the main center for tourist attraction.

Portuguese architecture is the main thing to watch in the city. The people of the region are very friendly and there are many beaches located in it. So ‘Benguela’ is a site that must be visited when you are listing a tour to Angola.

6. The Lobito


Lobito is known for the export and the harbor located in the region. There are numerous beaches situated in Lobito where it is exclusive to see the sunset and spend some quality time. The Portuguese buildings are a treat to watch. Restaurants are many where you can get a taste of the cuisines famous in the region.

The Lobito is a place that must-see in Angola. If you not visiting this location, then you are going to miss a great thing.

7. Dala Waterfalls


Situated in Lunda Sol, the Dala Waterfalls are about 60m high and conjure a spectacular scene with the mist and spray created from the crashing of the water on the rocks below. The waterfalls can be comfortably viewed from a bridge near the base of the falls or, for those who truly love the scene, a hotel is built only 50m away from the waterfalls. The waterfalls, also referred to as the Chiumbe River falls, should not be confused with the Cassengo falls which are smaller but situated in the same area of Angola.

8. Maiombe Forest


The Maiombe Forest is one of the most spectacular natural areas in Angola. It boasts more than 400 square km of forest and is rather fittingly referred to as the “Amazon of Africa”. The forest is a fantastic location for wildlife lovers with hundreds of rare species, many of them unique to the area. Animals include gorillas, elephants, chimps, rare birds, and butterflies. The woods in the forest are equally as rare as the animals and include ebony and mahogany.

The biggest town in the reserve, Buco Zau, has a small guesthouse with basic facilities for those wishing to fully immerse themselves in nature.

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