Guide to the Top Sushi restaurant with takeout options Near Me

Whether you’re craving a quick sushi fix at home or need to cater an event, takeout from the right sushi restaurant with takeout options makes life more convenient. With so many options popping up everywhere these days, how do you choose where to order from? Newtravell did the legwork and sought recommendations from foodies around town to bring you our guide to the top sushi spots offering takeout near you. Grab your phone and get ready to indulge!

Guide to the Top Sushi restaurant with takeout options Near Me

Guide to the Top Sushi restaurant with takeout options Near Me

Sushiya – Known for fresh fish flown in daily, Sushiya’s excellent takeout game starts withreme freshly-sealed bento boxes keeping dishes neat and separated.Their multilayered box sets areshare feud among office staff. The jalapeño tuna handrolls are also a cult favorite. A great local sushi restaurant with takeout options when you want high quality without breaking the bank.

Hanamaru – This cozy neighborhood sushi restaurant with takeout options buzzes at lunchtime as patrons scope out the day’s specials on dry-erase boards. We’re addicted to their salmon caviar bowl – a bargain for such luxury. Family meals and handroll assortmentstravel perfect for picnics. Just be prepared for a wait as they dont take reservations.

Kono Sushi – For delivery, Kono coasts right to your doorstep via third party apps within 30 minutes. Their sushi burritos and poke bowls also travel well, filled with big brand bites of fish, veggies and sauces. An ideal sushi restaurant with takeout options when you don’t feel like leaving the couch!

Catalina – Blue plates stacked with nigiri, piled maki rolls and novelty items like soft shell crab Konkae reign supreme at Catalina. Trust them to satisfy a crowd both big and small from their extensive catering menu. Order family style trays or the Maguro Don for a crowd-pleasing feast. A go-to sushi restaurant with takeout options for events.

Nakazawa – From flakey ootoro hand rolls to intricately plated seafood medleys, head sushi chef Daisuke Nakazawa works wonders with the finest cuts. Throw a dinner party with their complete chef’s tasting kit. Boxed individually with recipes, each dish arrives assembly-ready. Worth it for a special occasion from thistop sushi restaurant with takeout options.

Hamasaku – Their revolving sushi belt may be slow during normal times but pickups move fast from this popular neighborhood sushi restaurant with takeout options. Don’t miss bento boxes with chicken katsu or tonkatsu. For groups, trays laden with silky chirashi, mini inaris and california rolls satisfy diverse tastes.

Kappo Trust – Meat fans flock here for pressed sushi sandwiches crammed with Wagyu, toro or chicken karaage. Bento boxes also deliver on flavor and variety. Trust them for bento catering thoughtful, filling meals for frontline workers. One of this cities most versatile sushi restaurants with takeout options.

Guide to the Top Sushi restaurant with takeout options Near Me

In conclusion, with so many worthy options, you’re sure to find your new favorite sushi restaurant with takeout options for any craving or occasion. Take a look at their menus online for a taste of what’s in store. Then order up some fresh, high quality sushi delivered right to your door!

Here are some additional tips for ordering takeout from sushi restaurants:

  • Call ahead or check online for the daily specials which often make great takeout items. Seasonal rolls and nigiri are usually fresh and creative.
  • Inquire about family meal bundles with miso soup, salad, sides and multiple rolls/dishes for excellent value to feed several people.
  • Look for restaurants that offer disposable platters, plates and utensils to keep sushi neat and easy to transport or serve at home.
  • Consider sauces you may want on the side like wasabi, pickled ginger or sauces for dipping handrolls or inside-out rolls.
  • Sushi holds up well for an hour or two but use an insulated bag or freezer packs for longer transport times on hot days.
  • Most places can customize your order – request less rice or extra fillings if desired. Ask for takeout sauce containers.
  • Ask about minimum orders, especially for catering. Some need 24+ hours notice for larger catering requests.
  • Sign up for rewards apps and check weekly specials – many top spots run deals exclusively for mailing list subscribers.
  • Order slightly more than you think you’ll need as leftover sushi also makes a tasty next-day bento lunch.

Guide to the Top Sushi restaurant with takeout options Near Me

Enjoying fresh, high-quality sushi at home is fun and easy with takeout from the right neighborhood spot.

  • Designate a clean area away from other foods for your sushi plating and eating to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Consider individual plates for each guest so they can custom-build their own rolls and selections. This is easier than shared platters.
  • Provide small bowls of ginger, wasabi and sauces spaced around your dining area rather than one shared dish to maintain proper hand hygiene.
  • Lay out ingredients artistically on a cutting board or large plates for a restaurant-style presentation your guests will appreciate.
  • Chill rice wine, sake or beer prior to serve nicely chilled beverages with your sushi.
  • Have wet naps or hand towels available for fingers between bites to keep hands clean and mess-free.

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