The 10 Best Romantic Places In Osaka

Osaka is a large city in Japan, and also a tourist destination that attracts a lot of tourists every year. If couples are looking for the most romantic places for a date, this article The 10 Best Romantic Places In Osaka is for you. Join us to find out about interesting places that many people love in Osaka.

1. Minatomachi River Place

minatomachi riverplace 01
Minatomachi River Place

Located in the northern part of Osaka city, Minatomachi River Place is an eye-catching octagonal building with distinctive architecture. It is especially impressive at night when the lights are lit to give the building an extremely beautiful beauty. With an external Public Square designed to host all kinds of outdoor events such as flea markets or concerts by street musicians, there are enclosed stairs leading from the square down to the waterfront promenade, this place has become a popular spot for couples.

Inside the building is the Namba Hatch, which is a concert hall to showcase emerging bands. Occupying the 3rd to 6th floors of the building, Namba Hatch holds about 1,500 people and is the largest hall in Japan.
Minatomachi River Place features octagonal architecture and is close to many train stations.

This is a very romantic date spot in the evening for couples with the enchanting atmosphere of shimmering lights. Surely this place will give you an unforgettable dating memory. The design of Minatomachi River Place makes people call it a favorably called Water City. This is where many events and flea markets are held. Many famous people often come here.

2. Abeno Harukas

edge the harukas
Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas is a 300-meter-tall skyscraper on Abenobashi Station in Osaka and the tallest building in Japan. The building has 62 floors. Includes observatories on the upper floors, a hotel, a museum, and a large department store with a variety of shopping and dining facilities.

Abeno Harukas comes from an old Japanese phrase that means to be cheerful and radiant. As the name suggests, this place will make you feel the pleasure of enjoying the great atmosphere on the top floor of the building and admiring the wonderful night view of the city.
At Harukas 300 on the 58th floor, there is a restaurant called SKYGARDEN 300 where you can dine. A restaurant with delicious food and beautiful views would probably be a great date choice for you.

3. Tempozan Giant Wheel

Tempozan Giant Wheel

1 of The 10 Best Romantic Places In Osaka is Tempozan Giant Wheel. Located a 5-minute walk from Osakako Subway Station and a few steps from the Kaiyukan Aquarium, the Tempozan Ferris Wheel can take you up into the air with a height of 112.5 meters and a diameter of 100 meters. It has become one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world. On sunny days, a 15-minute Tempozan Giant Wheel sightseeing trip will be a great experience for couples in Osaka.

The bright lights of the Tempozan Giant Wheel in the evening have undeniably become one of Osaka’s popular tourist attractions. The giant wheel Tempozan has received the “Great Design” award. The highlight of this Ferris wheel is the diameter of up to 100m and the lighting system displaying weather symbols and letters. Located right near Osaka Minato Station, this is a very convenient place for you to date your partner in the evening.

The giant Ferris wheel Tempozan is having a special promotion. You can get a 100 yen coupon on the homepage when using the service. If you bring small children, rest assured because each cabin of this Ferris wheel can seat 8 people. This is truly an experience worth trying when coming to Osaka.

4. Grand Front Osaka

Grand Front Osaka

The next place in The 10 Best Romantic Places In Osaka is Grand Front Osaka. This is a large commercial complex north of JR Osaka station in the Umeda district, which opened in 2013. It includes many shops and restaurants, hotels, offices, and event spaces.

Grand Front Osaka is the first part of the Umekita (short for “Umeda North”) redevelopment project that aims to transform a dilapidated large freight area north of Osaka Station into a new, modern city district. The rest of the railyard is expected to be redeveloped and open to the public in 2025. Grand Front Osaka is located near Osaka Station.

It is divided into North Court and South Court with lots of shops and restaurants. Couples can stroll and enjoy the gentle, romantic atmosphere around this area. What we would recommend for your date is the observatory at Grand Front Osaka. You can see this place when you move from the 7th to the 9th floor.


01 nifrel

The name NIFREL is derived from the Japanese word “KANSEI NIFREL” (to attract your inspiration). This name is given in the hope that the experiences at NIFREL will spark your positive inspiration, deepen your interest in living things and nature, and lead to small discoveries. in daily life.

NIFREL is located in Expo Commemorative Park, it has as many animals as a zoo or aquarium. This entertainment area also attracts visitors by its perfect design like an art museum. Perhaps those are the things that make NIFREL loved not only by children but also by adults.
NIFREL is open until the evening, so you can rest assured to experience this entertainment area. In the fanciful space and the sound that goes into the heart of people, you will have an unforgettable date.

6. Umeda Sky Building

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Umeda Sky Building

At the Umeda Sky building, there is an aerial observatory, making you feel like you can walk and float in the air. In the evening, you can also see the twinkling of stars from this observatory. This will be a great romantic date night place for couples.

Attached to the aerial observatory at Umeda Sky building is a cafe called SKY 40 cafe. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of coffee in a special atmosphere different from other cafes. other.
The observation deck of this observatory is a bridge connecting the two towers of the Umeda Sky Building, whose donut-shaped roof provides unobstructed 360-degree views.

From this observatory, you can not only see the whole of Osaka but also see as far as Awaji Island. The basement of the building houses the gourmet street Takimi-Koji with old images of Osaka from the 1920s.

7. Tsutenkaku

Tsutenkaku tower 1024x681 1

Tsutenkaku is a new structure, rebuilt after World War II. Tsutenkaku was built in 1912 and it shocked the people at that time with a height of 64 meters, being the tallest structure in the Orient. It was also one of the two major attractions of Shin-Sekai at the time, the other being Luna Park, an amusement park with an area of ​​over 132,000 square meters.

Tsutenkaku is a very popular spot and is considered a symbol of Osaka. It has an observatory so you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city. Besides, when you climb each floor, you can also go outside and enjoy the atmosphere outside the tower. Tsutenkaku at night is also very special, and extremely suitable for couples’ dates.

Each floor of Tsutenkaku has its interesting features, such as the gilded area, and the Japanese design area. Perhaps for that reason, this place is very popular with foreign tourists as well as families who visit to have a clearer view of Osaka.

8. Dotonbori

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The lively entertainment district of Dotonbori is Osaka’s most popular tourist destination and features fancy neon lights, gorgeous signage, and a wealth of restaurants and bars. The name “Dotonbori” is the name used to refer to the Dotonbori Canal and Dotonbori Street running parallel to the south bank of the canal. This is one of the colorful areas in Osaka and an absolute must-visit when traveling through the Kansai region.
Dotonbori attracts visitors with many restaurants and entertainment venues.

Few people do not know this place, it is so popular that the shops here are all put on the map. This will be a very interesting dating place for couples. In Dotonbori, there are many delicious dishes and local specialties. You can enjoy street foods like Takoyaki, Ramen.

The Dotonbori Recreation Area is located between the Daikokubashi and Nippombashi Bridges on the Dotonbori Canal with its focal point at the Ebisubashi Bridge. It is located in the Minami district or south of Osaka and is easily accessible from Namba Subway Station, just a 4-minute walk away.

9. Nakanoshima Park

Nakanoshima Park

Nakanoshima Park, built in 1891, is known as Osaka’s first park. This is a place that attracts many tourists because of the perfect natural beauty that combines the green of the trees and the water surface, giving you moments of relaxation after the fatigue of daily life.

The park is located on the banks of the Dojimagawa and Tosaborigawa rivers. With a rose garden containing about 3,700 rose bushes and about 310 different species of roses, this park has been selected as one of the 100 most beautiful greenery spots in Osaka in recognition of its beautiful setting against the backdrop of neighboring classical buildings.

The highlight of Nakanoshima Park is the rose garden with thousands of colorful flowers. Night falls is also the time when this park puts on a new look. If you have a chance to have a date here, definitely do not miss this beautiful scene.

10. Universal Studios Japan

osaka universal studio japan 220061
Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is Japan’s Universal Studios theme park, located in Osaka. The park opened in 2001. It was also the first Universal Studios theme park to open outside the United States. Every year, Universal Studios Japan welcomes a lot of visitors, especially on long holidays. It can be said that this is an amusement park that few people do not know.

Here, people organize a lot of entertainment activities and events for both children and adults. Universal Studios Japan is also an ideal date spot for couples. You will go from surprise to surprise when visiting this amusement park. The special thing is that you will see a different Universal Studios Japan at night. With such a romantic atmosphere, this is a place worth considering for those who are contemplating asking their loved ones.

The 10 Best Romantic Places In Osaka introduced you to the places that are rated as absolutely ideal for romantic dates in Osaka.

Wish you always have fun and impressive trips!


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