Top 10 Best Experiences In Osaka December

Osaka is a popular tourist destination in Japan and across the world. Every year, a large number of visitors visit and travel there. However, have you ever considered what you would do in Osaka during the winter? The Top 10 Best Experiences In Osaka December will introduce you to popular activities when visiting Osaka in December.

Visit Osaka Castle

Top 10 Best Experiences In Osaka December
Visit Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is a popular tourist attraction in Japan that you should certainly visit when you visit Osaka. This is also the first location that the Top 10 Best Experiences In Osaka December recommend.
Osaka Castle Park, located in the center of Osaka city, is a large park with a history of ups and downs.

This is a popular tourist spot in Osaka, attracting a great number of Japanese visitors, particularly those who enjoy seeing castles. Osaka Castle was erected in the second part of the 16th century to hold Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Japan’s warlord of the time. This is the city’s major emblem, constructed more than 500 years ago. The citadel comprises eight stories, each with an exhibition room.

The 8th story, in particular, is built as an observatory from which guests can view the whole surrounding area. When visiting Osaka in the winter, when the surrounding environment is dressed in all white, the castle stands out even more.

A huge complex covering 60,000 square meters surrounds the castle. In parallel, the gorgeous beauty of Sakura No Miya Park, which runs along the Okawa River to the north of Osaka Castle, offers a more exquisite image of nature than ever before.

Namba Park

Namba Parks
Namba Park

Namba Park is the next location recommended by Top 10 Best Experiences In Osaka in December. This is a small forest in the middle of the city, right in the center of Osaka. This work was renovated from the old Osaka baseball stadium in 2003 by the skilled hands of a well-known European architect.

Aside from the shopping center, there is a theater, rooftop garden, and baseball pitcher monument. The enormous canyon-like twisting generated by powerful currents is a distinctive characteristic of this location. The outer landscape blends in with Parks Tower, a 30-story, 150-meter-high office skyscraper erected on the same property, providing a contemporary and distinctive setting. Visitors may feel thrilled when they get here.

Namba Park Garden contains gardens filled with plants and wildflowers on each floor from the first to the ninth. Every season, many kinds of birds and insects converge here, making it a perfect resting and sightseeing spot for visitors.

Nakanoshima Park

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Nakanoshima Park

Nakanoshima, Osaka’s first public park, began welcoming visitors in 1891. Nakanoshima is regarded as Osaka’s most beautiful park. The park has an extended shape with a total length of 1.5km, an area of 10.6 hectares, and numerous historic constructions that exist, adding to the park’s unique attractiveness.

Nakanoshima resembles a dune situated between the Tosabori road and the Doujimagawa river on one side. Visitors may feel the fresh air and the brilliant colors of the trees and flower gardens as they go from the square that is stretched on both sides to the other side of the river.

The Osaka City Central Public Hall (Osaka-shi Chuo Kokaido), erected in 1918 and designated as a significant cultural heritage site, is located inside the park. There is also the Osaka library (now known as Osakafu Ritsu Nakanoshima Toshokan), which was founded in 1904, before the national park, and is considered a significant cultural historical site.

The “Nakanoshima Rose Garden,” located in the park’s heart, provides visitors with a particularly soothing atmosphere. There are around 310 species of roses in the garden, with 3,700 roses planted in an area of 103000 square meters, reaching approximately 500 meters from East to West. This is unquestionably a must-see while visiting Osaka in the winter.

Midosuji Street

Midosuji Street

Midosuji is a major street in Osaka that runs from the Hanshin junction to the famous Nanba station. Because of its liveliness and modernism, this street is popular among not only locals but also domestic and foreign tourists.

Osaka’s Midosuji Light Path Event is a reasonably popular yearly event. This boulevard is made even more shining and beautiful by adorned Christmas trees, especially on cold winter days. Osaka is well-known for its vibrant and lively illumination festival. Each festival has its distinct beauty, based on its location.

The light show’s predominant hue is blue, which gives guests a nice impression. Not only is it a single hue, but as spectators travel along the road, the lights progressively change, generating a sensation of excitement.

Grand Front Osaka

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Grand Front Osaka

As the largest shopping center in Japan, Grand Front Osaka becomes a destination that attracts a large number of tourists every year. This is also the next place to visit that Top 10 Best Experiences In Osaka December suggests to you. The Grand Front Osaka complex consists of three buildings: Tower A in the south, Tower B, and C in the north.

Many brands and businesses are debuting in Japan for the first time at the complex. This is Japan’s largest retail area, located in the heart of Osaka, and it is usually busy. Grand Front Osaka is one of four high-rise developments that debuted in April 2013 at the North of Osaka Observatory, with 38 stories above ground and 3 levels underground.

This is a commercial hub including shopping malls, restaurants, offices, apartments, conference centers, hotels, and theaters.

Christmas Market at Umeda Sky Building

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Christmas Market

The Umeda Sky Building is a must-see attraction in Osaka. This is a well-known and popular tourist destination in Osaka. Visitors may also discover an environment steeped in German culture, particularly during the Christmas season. The German Christmas Fair is the topic of this event. A 27m tall pine tree covered with sparkling, magnificent lights stands in the heart of the event.

The Umeda Sky Building has an unusual construction. The Christmas tree is in the heart of the structure, giving it an excellent photo opportunity. It is hard to discuss the German Christmas market without mentioning the miniature stalls built of trees.

This is an event where you may enjoy both the light festival and the night view in Osaka city at a skyscraper that reflects the city’s energy and progress, such as the Umeda Sky Building. If you get the chance to visit Osaka in December, you should not pass up this opportunity.

Hirakata Park

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Hirakata Park

For people living in Osaka, perhaps Hirakata Park has become very familiar, where there are many recreational activities such as Ferris wheel or roller coaster. This is one of 10 special places that you can refer to Top 10 Best Experiences In Osaka December.

The tunnel of light is called time travel. It can be said that the tunnel of light is an image that can be found at most of Japan’s winter lighting events. Along the path, you will feel like you are enveloped in light. Not only that but in this light garden, you are also greeted with clear melodious sounds.

Lantern Carnival Square is the place where you can see the lanterns decorated around the campus blending with the soothing sounds to create an unforgettable experience.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios

You can’t go to Osaka without going to Universal Studios. This is a famous sightseeing and entertainment destination in many parts of the world. Universal Studios Japan, known as USJ, is like Disneyland in Tokyo. It is a popular park not only for Japanese people but also for foreign tourists. After enjoying the beautiful scenery of Osaka, you can head to Universal Studios to experience the dynamism and excitement of trying out exciting entertainment with Hollywood movie themes here.

Here you can see Spider-Man’s wall of flying scorpions and various events following his encounter with the great white shark at sea. In Jurassic Park, you can watch dinosaurs swaying around. There’s also a variety of fun theme restaurants in the park, and parade shows are brilliant at night. The greatness and happiness that Universal Studios brings to its visitors is something that needs no introduction, so experience and play to the fullest.

Kaiyukan Aquarium

Kaiyukan Aquarium

Also included in the Top 10 Best Experiences In Osaka December, the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan will give you the chance to see the amazing marine life in the Pacific Rim, from the Great Barrier Reef to the North Pole. Home to 30,000 marine creatures of 620 species, the aquarium recreates one of the Pacific’s amazingly diverse habitats and ecosystems.

Let’s start the journey with an escalator ride to the eighth floor. Here, a spiral trail will take visitors down to the area around the aquarium’s monumental main tank to begin an exciting interactive journey into the depths of the ocean. You’ll get up and personal with whale sharks, manta rays, sea lions, and penguins, as well as enjoy the distinct views and sounds of the ocean and its varied shoreline.

Spend some time on the fourth level to watch ringed seals play on the natural ice and snow. All of the diversity of Arctic environments has been precisely replicated in the world’s biggest dome-shaped tank. Watch the very cold water pour over the iceberg bridge from the lower deck, as seals scuba dive high above.

Relax in the Onsen

Onsen Japan Yumoto Fujiya 01
Relax in the Onsen

Bathing in onsen hot springs is a distinct Japanese cultural characteristic. There are hundreds of onsen hot springs around Japan, and you may even enjoy onsen in Osaka. An onsen bath is a very inexpensive and pleasant experience in the freezing weather of winter.

The most renowned hot spring bathing location in Osaka, with a traditional Japanese design style, when you come here, you may not only experience a hot spring bath fully from natural sources but also relax by nature. Other services include massage, sauna with stones, and eating delicious food. There are also some non-fixed acts. It’s a great location to unwind.

The hot springs of OSAKA BAY TOWER are sourced from an underground water source at a depth of 1000m, have low alkalinity, and are particularly beneficial to the skin. The all-natural hot spring source contains activated charcoal elements that aid in skin regeneration and blood circulation. There are two types of swimming pools: outdoor and indoor, so you may pick whatever suits you best.

This is our compilation of the Top 10 Best Experiences In Osaka in December. Hope this article will provide you with useful information.

Have a great sightseeing trip in Osaka!

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