Top 5 Best Chinese Restaurants In Tokyo

China and Japan are two close neighbors. Therefore, the culinary interference is also quite diverse and rich. However, when Chinese dishes were introduced to Japan, they were slightly changed in terms of processing and seasoning to suit Japanese tastes. Besides, there are still many Chinese restaurants with delicious and standard dishes.
If you are in Japan but still want to try or find a taste of Chinese cuisine, we present you with the top 5 best Chinese restaurants in Tokyo.

Chugoku Hanten Roppongi

Chugoku Hanten Roppongi Restaurant
Chugoku Hanten Roppongi Restaurant

With a history of more than 40 years, this restaurant always invites top chefs from China, especially Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, and Hong Kong to serve diners authentic Chinese dishes. The most flowery.

Chugoku Hanten Roppongi serves traditional Chinese dishes. The elegant atmosphere is also cozy, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a meal with friends or family. Chugoku Hanten has many delicious and special dishes that you must try when coming here.
Braised ribs with black vinegar sauce, Shanghai dim sum, Peking duck, and stir-fried squid with perilla are dishes that have received very good reviews from customers. Chugoku Hanten is just a few minutes from Hibiya Line Roppongi Subway Station.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. However, if you go out to eat with a larger number or do not want to wait for the food for too long, you can contact us to reserve a table in advance, ensuring the restaurant will bring you the best service quality.

The price of dishes at this restaurant is around 10,000 – ¥14,999
Address: 1-1-5 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-3478-3828


Sazenka Restaurant
Sazenka Restaurant

Sanka is a restaurant steeped in friendship between Japan and China. The dishes at the restaurant are also a combination of culinary flavors between the two cultures of the two neighboring countries but still retain the traditional flavor in each dish.

Sanka restaurant is located in a quiet residential area of ​​Minami Azabu. This is known as the international community center of Tokyo city, the restaurant is designed in a classic style like the old Chinese eateries. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted enthusiastically by the staff who speak many languages ​​such as Japanese, Chinese, English, and even French.

The interior of the restaurant is both modern and classic. Light wood furniture and warm lighting create an inviting atmosphere accompanied by large windows that open up the space. There are also private rooms that provide a quieter space for important events or families

The dishes in the restaurant’s menu are designed quite delicately, mainly retaining the old culinary features of China. From appetizers to main courses and even desserts, all are carefully selected and processed by chefs to produce the best dishes and authentic Chinese cuisine. This is also one of the best Chinese restaurants in Tokyo that you should try.

Address: 1F, 4-7-5 Minami Azabu Minatoku Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-6874-0970
Price 80,500 – 95,500

Akasaka Mononoki

Akasaka Mononoki Restauran
Akasaka Mononoki Restauran

Next on the list of the top 5 best Chinese restaurants in Tokyo is Akasaka Mononoke. This is also a pretty famous Chinese restaurant in this city.
Here, the ingredients used to prepare the dishes are all domestic ingredients that ensure quality and are good for health. With the theme of preserving the natural flavors of the dish, most dishes will not use too much seasoning or use sesame oil, pepper, or garlic.

The papaya soup and black vinegar-soaked pork are considered the specialty of this restaurant.
The next recommended dishes are “sweet and sour pork soaked in black vinegar” and “dried scallop fried rice”.
In addition to dishes imbued with Chinese cuisine, the restaurant also has a variety of wines. However, you can also enjoy a combination of Chinese food and wine.

Address: 3F, Kioi Terrace, 1-3 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0094, Japan
Phone number: ( + 81-3-6272-8866 )
Price range: 13,000 – 37,000

Shichubo Yung

Shichubo Yung Restaurant
Shichubo Yung Restaurant

This is a restaurant with bold Chinese characteristics, besides mixing the cuisine of many other countries, creating very special dishes to satisfy even the most demanding guests.
It is difficult to find words to describe the specialty of the dishes here. For example, beef Gotu kola stew with red wine and vegetables, or awabi liver in black bean sauce, are dishes that are neither Japanese, Chinese, nor French. It’s a novel combination of all three.

The arrangement of jazz music in the background also creates a highlight for the space of a Chinese restaurant, which is also a strange point that attracts the attention of customers to this restaurant.
In particular, the chefs at Shichubo Yung also pay great attention to the health of customers when using a cooking method with limited cooking oil, which is different from the usual way of preparing Chinese dishes. This creates a lightness to the dishes but still retains the classic Chinese cuisine.

Address: 6-5-5 Shirokane, Minato City, Tokyo, 108-0072, Japan
Phone number: 03-5422-9773
Price range: 9,500 – 14,000

Chinese Takase

Chinese Takase Restaurant
Chinese Takase Restaurant

Last on the list of the Top 5 best Chinese restaurants in Tokyo is Chuka Takase restaurant. This is a Chinese food restaurant run by Kenichi Takase who has devoted himself to creating Cantonese dishes for the past 30 years.
Unlike most other restaurants, Chinese Takase has a rather special design style, almost going against what Kenichi Takase has done before. His restaurant is quite modest in size, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Opened and operating in 2016, with 8 seats outside. In addition, it also has 6 seats inside, separated by a partition to create privacy for customers. Thanks to the ability to prepare dishes skillfully with top-notch techniques, customers who come to eat at the restaurant can admire Takase’s cooking performance right in their seats.

Although the space is modest, the quality of the food here is excellent, so the restaurant is always crowded. The dishes are made from a luxurious, quality, and labor-intensive ingredients that will create an unforgettable feeling after eating. Such as shark fin or Japanese abalone. In addition, dishes with bold Cantonese and Chinese flavors are also carefully selected and processed by the chef.

Guaranteed to satisfy all guests when coming here to enjoy.
This is a very special Chinese food restaurant that everyone should not miss when coming to Tokyo.

The price is about 43,000
Address: 3F, 8-7-8, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: +81-3-6264-5420

This is a list of the Top 5 best Chinese restaurants in Tokyo that you should try when traveling here with friends or family.

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