Top 9 gift ideas from Japan

This article can assist you if you are seeking gift ideas from Japan to offer to your friends and family and are unclear about what to buy. From delicious Japanese food and sweets to lovely traditional crafts, we’ve chosen some of the greatest gifts that will bring joy to the recipient. The gifts that are suggested below are all created in Japan and may all be bought online.

Japanese Kit Kat variety box

In case you were unaware, Kit Kat is available in Japan in hundreds of flavors. Most are limited editions that are only available in specific locations or during specific times of the year. They are therefore a true collectible! Anyone who enjoys Japanese sweets will adore this Kit Kat party variety package!

Japanese Kit Kat variety box
Japanese Kit Kat variety box: gift ideas from Japan

It comes in 12 regional flavors, including matcha green tea from Kyoto, strawberry cheesecake from Yokohama, and purple sweet potato from Okinawa. There are a total of 21 flavors in this product.

Individual Japanese name stamp: Gift ideas from Japan

In Japan, name stamps, or hanko or inkan, are used in place of signatures. Japanese folks utilize their own unique rubber stamp when opening a bank account or signing a contract. Japanese artists also stamp their work rather than sign it.

You have the option to order your own name stamp from Japan through this store! A attractive illustration, such as a cat, or a more conventional shape are both options. Your name will be translated by the store and engraved on the stamp. This is a really special present for anyone who appreciates Japanese culture. It also makes a great stamp for crafters, scrapbookers, and artists.

A little zen garden

Here’s yet another sweet gift suggestion for anyone intrigued by Japanese culture’s zen, Buddhism, and meditation traditions. Anyone may create a special space for relaxation at home using this miniature zen garden.

If you have a shrine or relaxing space at home, this is ideal. Additionally, I believe it would make a good present for busy professionals to have on their desk for moments when they need to unwind in the office. It may be raked with the little rake, and the miniature figurines can be placed however you like!

Traditional snack package from Japan

Traditional snack package from Japan
Traditional snack package from Japan: gift ideas from Japan

Consider this alternative subscription box of traditional Japanese snacks if you don’t like sweets. Snakku creates lovely collections of exclusive to Japan real Japanese cuisine goods! The oldest family-run businesses are partnered with in order to bring you the most traditional foods. Each box has a lovely, recyclable furoshiki wrapper on it. If a subscription is out of your price range, you can also order a one-time package.

The board game Tokaido

Tokaido has always been centered on elegance. One of Japan’s most beautiful highways, the “East Sea Road,” is being traveled by each participant. Players will encounter people, eat delectable food, gather lovely stuff, see amazing views, and visit temples and natural areas while they are on the road. You’ll need to be the most experienced traveler after everyone has reached the road’s conclusion, which means you’ll need to be the one who found the most intriguing and different items.

Tree Bonsai

The Japanese word “bonsai” is the translation of the Chinese word “banzai,” which means “tray planting.” The term “bonsai” refers generally to any plant that has been domesticated at a small scale, in a vase or pot, over a long period of time. Those who grow bonsai appreciate the activity for its peaceful and contemplative qualities. The plant’s stem and leaves can be trained over many years to take on whatever shape the artist wants. If they are kept up properly, some bonsai survive for hundreds of years and are passed down through the generations.

Chocolate Tokyo Black Thunder

Japan is home to this tasty convenience store bestseller. 15 of these well-known chocolates in a box are the perfect way to spoil your loved ones. Black Thunder is produced from cookie crumbs and peanuts that have been completed with brown sugar and covered in a delectable layer of chocolate, similar to a Snickers bar but with a significantly enhanced chocolate-to-peanuts ratio. Many consider this to be the best chocolate bar in Japan. That was amply supported by a Savvy Tokyo office poll that involved a ton of testing.

Shoyu aged in whisky barrels by Haku Mizunara

Kyoto Prefecture is extremely outstanding, sublime, mellow, and flawlessly created from extraordinary components. The first traditionally brewed shoyu that maintains its ancestors’ ways of the mushiro koji process and produces an excellent shoyu is Haku Mizunara Whisky Barrel Aged Shoyu. The shoyu is then meticulously aged by master craftsmen in barrels made of Japanese oak (Mizunara hardwood). As a consequence, a sweet, delicate, and mellow shoyu that appeals to all the senses is produced.

Shoyu aged in whisky barrels by Haku Mizunara
Shoyu aged in whisky barrels by Haku Mizunara

The Kanji Key

For students of any level, The Key to Kanji: A Visual History of 1100 Characters is a unique resource! This comprehensive guide, which is based on etymological research, removes the challenge associated with learning these Japanese characters. Each of the 1,100 fundamental kanji is given a fully illustrated entry along with a succinct English narrative outlining how its written form and meaning have changed throughout time. Additionally, each kanji has its on- and Kun- pronunciations, a section header from a traditional kanji dictionary, an artwork showing the stroke sequence clearly, and helpful examples of words for beginners.


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