Useful Tips for Stopping Wasting Time Online

  • By ThiQuyen
  • February 12, 2021
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The Internet kills your time faster than anything else. With a single click, you can start watching a movie, check up on what your friends are doing online, and read your favorite blog. It really is a never-ending place of distraction and what we often miss when thinking about the internet is that excessive website surfing works just like every other addiction. Let read on to get some useful tips for stopping wasting time online.

Tips for Stopping Wasting Time Online

1. Know Your Social Media Goals

Tips for Stopping Wasting Time Online


What do you aim to achieve by being on social media? What do you want for your business? More sales? Customer awareness? To boost the visibility of your brand? To network with the power players in your niche?

Once you know what you want to achieve, you can start doing what it takes to reach your goal and eliminate the rest.

2. Learn How to Use Social Media

Nothing will waste your online time more than not being sure how to use a computer. Are you confident at using Twitter and Facebook? If I told you to go and change your bio or update your profile picture, would you know how to do it? Or would you need to call in the cavalry?

No one can know everything, but if you’re struggling with the basics, it’s time you got yourself trained up.

3. Set Strict Boundaries For Online Work

Tips for Stopping Wasting Time Online


Set a time frame for work only e.g. 7 AM – 4 PM.  You can have free time before or after this set time. Every time you stick to this plan you are developing strength, developing a habit after a week or two it will come naturally. If it’s hard, work in short, 20-to-30-minute long stretches. Do not check access distractions in between but allow yourself to get and walk for 30 seconds or get a glass of water. Re-focus and get back to it.

You can use a timer or install it on your computer and keep it in front of you while working. It will remind you that you have limited time.

In addition, you can use online tools to stop wasting time on the internet. Internet blockers such as StayFocusd, Self Control, Leechblock, and News Feed Eradicator For Facebook can help you focus and remain in that flow state for as long as possible.

4. Take A Day-Long Break From Technology

You are more than the websites you browse. Go out on the weekend for the whole day. Go out with your friends, or if you like to be alone – sit in a park, read books, meet new people.

Movement creates energy and like attracts like. So when you’re out and about, you’ll attract dynamic energy, people, and things into your life that will make you feel fulfilled and excited for this one life you’ve got. And as a result, you’ll stop wasting time on the internet when you go back to your computer.

Stagnation attracts stagnation and blocks growth and rejuvenation. Internet stagnates your energy since it makes you live inside your own head. You don’t want to live inside your own head for 6-10 hours a day, do you? Yet most people do.

5. Have a Work-Only Computer – A Tip for Stopping Wasting Time Online


If you’re one of those students with more than one computer, you can further remove the temptation to waste time by dedicating one of your computers solely to work.

Don’t install stuff like Steam, social media clients, or chat clients unless they’re work-related. You can use the blocking techniques above to completely lock the computer down if needed as well.

If you use Chrome and have Chrome sync enabled for your account, consider using a different Google account on this computer so your time-wasting bookmarks don’t sync over. If you don’t want to do that, at least hide the bookmarks bar.

It’s even more effective if you use this computer in a different location than where you use your leisure computer.

6. Log Off Social Media to Stop Wasting Time Online

Humans are hard-wired to seek out social connections. We crave attention and a feeling of being close to one another that we often satisfied through the use of social media. It doesn’t even have to come from our own friends. You probably check out George Takei’s Facebook page more than you do most of the people you went to college with.

One way you might’ve heard suggested on how to stop wasting time on social media is to shut it off. Before beginning work or sitting down to study, log out of your social media accounts, delete them from your phone, or block them through your browser settings to reduce the amount of time you can procrastinate.

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