Where can I travel without a passport? 7 Destinations

You might believe that in order to find white sand beaches, blue ocean waves, and beautiful weather all year round, you must travel far and wide. However, did you know that as an American, you can go to some tropical locations without a passport? Here are the top 7 tropical locations where can I travel without a passport, ranging from possibilities on US soil like Miami to far-flung locations like American Samoa!

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico does not require a passport for entry. If you have a valid ID card or birth certificate, you are welcome to travel to this tropical island in the Caribbean, which is around 1,000 miles from southeast Florida. You can enter without a passport even if you are a legal permanent resident who is not a US citizen.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico offers some of the best beaches in the world, as well as a variety of water activities, hiking routes, and kayaking opportunities to Mosquito Bay, where the water shines. Overall, if you don’t want to deal with the headache of obtaining for a passport, Puerto Rico is the perfect holiday spot.

The US Virgin Islands’ St. Thomas

A trip to the US Virgin Islands has to be among the best tropical holidays you can take without a passport. You may take a nonstop flight in about 4 hours from the New York City region to the magnificent St. Thomas, where you can stay in your very own Virgin Islands villa by the balmy Caribbean Sea.

Old structures and defenses from the US Virgin Islands’ fascinating past as a former Dutch, Danish, and Norwegian colony, including Blackbeard’s Castle, are still standing today. St. Thomas is a favorite port of call for cruise ships since duty-free shopping is so popular with tourists. The islands’ mountainous volcanic terrain makes them a beautiful destination to explore between world-class sunbathing on St.

British Virgin Islands

Although you won’t need a passport to visit this collection of islands in the Caribbean, you will still need a form of acceptable identification when you travel. Since 1917, when Denmark ceded the US Virgin Islands, they have been a part of the US. Today, you can travel to the archipelago and spend your vacation there.

You can travel to St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John, three of the largest islands, throughout your vacation. You can engage in a range of activities, including going to the Virgin Islands National Park and snorkeling in Trunk Bay.

Mariana Islands, North

The US has a distinct territory in the northwest Pacific Ocean called the Northern Mariana Islands. The archipelago consists of 14 islands, with Guam being the southernmost island and a separate country. Since the islands are US territory, you can enter and leave the archipelago without a passport. You still require a valid ID card or a birth certificate, just like in the other US territory.

Mariana Islands, North
Mariana Islands, North

Saipan, Tinian, and Rota are a few of the most popular islands, with Saipan being the biggest. You may see some fairly incredible sights between these islands, like Micro Beach, Mount Topachau, Banzai Cliff, and several historical sites.

Canada: Where can I travel without a passport

If you are moving by land or water, you can enter Canada without a passport. However, you require a NEXUS card or a passport card. A NEXUS card is a style of travel authorization that enables you to pass through the Canadian border quickly. Since this is a joint initiative of the US and Canada, both nations review the NEXUS card application procedure.

If you are traveling by plane to Canada, you will need a passport or a NEXUS travel document in order to enter the nation.


You can enter Mexico without a passport thanks to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative as long as you have a passport card or an upgraded driver’s license (EDL). When you enter Mexico by land or by sea, having an EDLs helps the process simpler and faster by proving your identification and US citizenship. Even entering Canada or other US territories in the Caribbean is possible with your EDL.

You must keep in mind, though, that you can only fly to Mexico if you have a US passport; otherwise, you must use your EDL or passport card. Furthermore, minors under the age of 16 are permitted to visit Mexico using only their birth certificates and without a passport.

Philippine Islands

The final locations I’ll discuss are several military installations throughout the far reaches of the Pacific that have transformed over time into fascinating tourist destinations. These places fall under the heading of exotic vacations without a passport.

In the Philippine Sea lies a group of islands known as the Northern Mariana Islands. These seemingly insignificant islands had the unfortunate geographic misfortune to be in the middle of some of the biggest naval and ground engagements of WWII.

There are war memorials and military fortifications on the islands, some of which are still in use today, to serve as a reminder of this small US outpost keeping watch from the far reaches of the Pacific for anyone with an interest in the tragic history of the Battle of Saipan or the two battles of Guam.

Philippine Islands
Philippine Islands

Decide now to see the magical lands of Guam without a passport. Whether or not you are interested in the military history of these tropical islands, they are all stunningly undeveloped.

Your experience will be enhanced by remote beaches, stunning coral reefs that form a tranquil lagoon, and the local color of the native life. The largest of the Mariana Islands, Saipan, is home to the renowned Grotto, a divers dream.

Beautifully blue underwater conditions shine a light on amazing rock structures and vibrant marine life. These islands are a component of the region known as Micronesia. If you want a journey unlike any other, this might be the place to go. You might need to research it to properly understand what that means in terms of geography and culture.


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